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Facebook is still the king of social media; with over 1.7 billion users, most of whom check it at least five time a day, this is where you need to be advertising. It is the single most effective platform for getting your business in front of new potential clients and customers. With such a large captive audience, and with “sponsored” newsfeed posts (read: your ads) unable to be blocked by the sorts of ad-blocking extensions that most internet browsers have available, you can promote your business in ways that were never possible even a decade ago.

Leverage this power by utilizing Facebook ads to grow your reach and build a community. Ads posted by your business page do double duty: attracting customers to your Facebook page, where they can follow your updates, AND redirecting them to your website or sales landing page, where they go from potential to actual clients and customers. Plus, with the way Facebook ad pricing is set up, there are options for every budget so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Probably the single best reason to advertise your business on Facebook is the extremely powerful demographic targeting tools available. Nowhere else can you build a target audience based on the browsing and buying habits, likes, preferences, and more, of your current customer base. I am intimately familiar with the complexities and power of the new Facebook advertising systems. I can pinpoint your target audiences and convert them into a fan for life.

What could take you days and entire purchased video tutorial courses to begin to understand, I’ve mastered already, and I’m excited to use that knowledge to help you make the most of Facebook advertising. Below I’ve listed some of the many aspects of advertising on Facebook that Jennie Lyon Virtual Assistant Services can help you with:

  • Create offers that make your customers want more
  • Developing enticing offers to get the highest clickthrough rates
  • Target audience research
  • Designing high impact graphics for your advertisements
  • Writing compelling ad copy that will keep potential customers reading
  • Ensuring your ad graphics and copy meet Facebook’s strict ad standards
  • Generating custom audiences based on your existing client email list
  • Generating “lookalike” and other demographically targeted audiences
  • Identifying ideal customers for what your business offers, and targeting them with specific ads
  • Setting up and monitoring ad campaigns
  • Optimizing with Landing pages and funnels
  • Optimizing ads based on performance data
  • Analyzing reporting data to determine which ads are working best for your business and which formats should be used again in future

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Still unsure? Check out what some of my clients say about my virtual assistant services.

Ralph-Chavin“Jennie has increased our Facebook likes and Twitter follows and we trust her to manage those platforms with very little input from ourselves.”“Jennie is responsive, articulate and wonderful to work with. She never makes you feel like what you are asking for is too much. She has increased our Facebook likes and Twitter follows and we trust her to manage those platforms with very little input from ourselves. For a small start-up, having someone who understands social media and understands your business, to manage and maintain those platforms relieves a lot of pressure and frees us up to focus on growing our business. If you find yourself struggling to get it all done, you really need to let some of that go and Jennie is the person you can trust to do it.”+ Ralph Chavin | CEO, NibMor Chocolate
Jennifer-Brown“Thanks to Jennie’s contributions to my business, I have been able to double my revenue and better serve my clients.”“Before working with Jennie I had no social media and internet marketing strategy nor presence. Thanks to her, I now have these. She has helped me to exponentially grow my presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. She has also helped me to develop an email subscriber list, create marketing launches, update/maintain my website and write regular social media posts. Thanks to her, my social media and online marketing is on auto-pilot and she handles all of the details and time-lines to that I don’t have too! She also helps me in many other aspects of my business including administration and client relations. She is a dream to work with – proactive, responsive, and diligent! Her work is top notch and I’m grateful to her for all the help she gives me! Thanks to her contributions to my business, I have been able to double my revenue and better serve my clients.”

+ Jennifer Brown | Founder, PeopleTactics