About Jennie Lyon

Hello. My name is Jennie Lyon, I am the owner and founder of Jennie Lyon Digital Media & Virtual Assistant Services. It's nice to meet you!

Over the past 17 years, I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners — from coaches, marketers, and productivity gurus, to consultants, lawyers, doctors, and health and wellness experts — to help them streamline their businesses and build their brand.

We are a full-service virtual assistant firm that is your go-to partner for all your business’ needs! We specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs organize, promote, and scale their brand through their online marketing efforts including social media marketing and paid ad campaigns, personality-infused copywriting and copyediting, full cycle sales funnels, email marketing, technical, webinar and web support, graphic and website design, website and social media audits, project management and much more!

About Jennie, the Person
I live in sunny South Florida with my amazing husband Jayson, who I have been married to for 20 years, our fantastic 17-year old son Eben, a silly Pug named Noodles, and a super-sweet French Bulldog named Olive.

Jayson and I were married in 1999 when I was 22 and he was 27. (Wow, we were young!) Jayson is a fabulous husband and father, my best friend, and one of the most wonderful parts of my life. He has a way of making me laugh, no matter the situation, and is supportive beyond words. His love and encouragement have allowed me to grow Jennie Lyon Virtual Assistant Services into a thriving business.

Eben, our son, is a fantastic, creative, and funny teenager who makes being a mother a pure delight — he is my EVERYTHING. He is skipping his senior year of high school and started college this summer, to say we are proud is an understatement! Eben is constantly coming up with fabulous ideas, inspiring me with his artwork, passion for the environment, and fearless approach to life.

And I can’t forget about the other two members of our family, our two super-duper sweet dogs! We have a Pug named Noodles, who is an absolute sweetheart and a furry ball full of energy. And we have Olive the French Bulldog, who is just the world’s best snuggle bunny. If you ever visit us, chances are you will quickly have a dog on your lap!

When I am not busy working away in my office, you can find me outside. I love paddleboarding, bicycling, beach-combing, hanging out with my boys, snapping photos for Instagram, walking my dogs, traveling, or floating in our pool reading a great book. Oh, and did I mention I may have a tiny addiction to Good n’ Plenty candies? True story.

About Jennie, the Entrepreneur

Now, that you know a little about my personal life, let me tell you more about how I got to where I am today as a virtual assistant and how that can benefit you and your business!

My first real job was working as a manager at Nordstrom during my senior year of high school, where I started to develop my project management, client relations, and marketing skills. I was looking for a fun summer job so when I heard that Nordstrom was taking applications for baristas in their cafe, I decided to give it a try. I found that I was great at interacting with customers, making specialty coffees, creating displays, and marketing the cafe. Three months in, my manager announced that he was transferring to another store. Wasting no time, I marched myself into the store manager’s office and asked for the cafe management position. I walked out of his office grinning ear to ear, having been promoted to management at 17-years old with only 3 months at the company. During my time at Nordstrom, I learned the essentials of being a great leader of a team, promoting sales, administration (budgets, planning, profits/loss), and providing superior customer service — something that Nordstrom is well-known for.

After my son was born in 2001, I decided to take all of that experience and strike out on my own, building a virtual assistant firm. I was very lucky to start my business with three innovative clients, Apple, AAA, and Walgreens. For Apple, I worked directly with their customers providing customer service, technical support, and sales. With AAA, I provided customers with customer support and roadside services. And for Walgreens, I provided customers with website support, pharmacy orders (Hooray! I was able to use my Pharmaceutical Science degree!), website sales, and customer service.

Unable to quench my entrepreneurial spirit, I was driven to start a green lifestyle blog — Sweet Greens — focusing on eco-friendly ways families can go green together. It quickly became an award-winning site with a large audience of engaged customers. I learned a lot about digital marketing throughout the process, and cultivated partnerships with some wonderful major brands including Target, Stonyfield Farm, Cascadian Farm, Inhabitots, Applegate, Green Child Magazine and some celebrities too Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) and Sabrina Soto.

With my newfound online experience and success, I really threw myself into my building my virtual assistant firm, Jennie Lyon Virtual Assistant Services. I knew that with my digital marketing experience, including social media marketing, copywriting, web support, graphic design, opt-ins/landing pages, technical support, and email marketing services, I had a solid foundation to provide an amazing virtual assistant experience. Rave reviews and a ton of referrals from my clients soon followed, confirming to me that the future of marketing really was on the internet (This was back in 2001, remember!)

So, if you are struggling to find enough time in your day to focus on what you really love — or if you are great at seeing the big picture but need a partner to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks — let’s chat! I specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs organize, promote, and scale their brand to even greater levels of success. I’ve helped so many clients in the past, and I can help you too!


“Jennie is an expert in her field and I can relax knowing that she behind the scenes ensuring that all of the moving parts are working.”

+ Laurie Palau | SimplyBOrganized.com

“Jennie just helped me with a big launch and I so appreciate all of the things that she took off of my plate. It was a huge stress reliever for me.”

+ Deberah Bringelson | DeberahBringelson.com 

“Thanks to Jennie’s contributions to my business, I have been able to double my revenue and better serve my clients.”

+ Jennifer Brown | SuccessfulCulture.com 

"Jennie’s digital marketing experience, combined with her excellent organizational skills, is a win-win for any small business. In fact, her social media efforts resulted in a 280% increase in email signups for my blog!”

+ Julie Revelant

"I seriously wanted to cry when I saw what an amazing job Jennie did for me (and for my clients) in such a short time."

+ Christine Hakkola | Build Your Private Practice

"Jennie Lyon is the only person I’ve ever trusted to help me with my content, with her great writing skill, she makes the entire process seamless."

+ Stephanie B.