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How often are you reaching out to your dream audience?

Imagine igniting their interest with captivating podcast episodes that draw them to subscribe and eagerly await each release. We handle everything from script creation, design, and editing, to post-production, distribution, and marketing - you only have to record the audio.

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Starting or keeping up with your podcast can quickly lead to overwhelm, draining your energy and time until...

... our team works with you.

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New To Podcasting? 

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast, but not sure where to start? 

We handle everything from writing polished scripts that encapsultate your brand, providing audio-production editing and enhancements, voiceovers for intro, outros, and commericals, to setting up your podcast descriptions, show notes, designing your podcast art, setting up your podcast on your website, distribution and marketing your podcast to the world! 

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Podcasting Savvy?

Off to a good start with your podcasting but realizing you don't have a strategy that actually grows your listener base or establishes you as an expert in your industry? Or maybe things are going well, but your finding post-production, distribution, and marketing is too much to handle each week. 

Our team of podcasting experts and virtual assistants can help you get there  – without you having to do all the heavy lifting.

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No matter where you find yourself on your podcasting journey, count on us to be your trusty guide to get to the next level! 

Support from our team of podcasting experts means: 

✓ Captivating Scripts: We write you a polished script that encapsulates your brand message.

✓ Post-Production Perfection: We provide audio-production enhancements, including vocal balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, hiss/hum removal, and equalization.

✓ Voiceover Magic: Whether you need a male or female voiceover for intros, outros, or commercials, we've got you covered!

✓ Content Creation: We write podcast descriptions, show notes and any content you need for marketing your podcast.

✓ Design Creation: We design beautiful podcast art to showcase your show and graphics to share on social media and more!

✓ Precision Podcast Distribution: We set your podcast up on your website and get it distributed EVERYWHERE.

✓ Marketing Brilliance: We market your podcast, because everyone in your target audience should hear it!

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We’ll create podcasts that you’ll love and we...

Feature your customer as the hero, NOT your brand
Build a listen base of devoted followers
Ensure your customer the star of the podcast
Show your customers what life looks like when they take action
Frame your features as benefits
Show how your current customers are winning
Create beautifully designed and branded podcast assets
Optimize your podcasting for a specific problem that you solve
Use podcasting to educate, inspire, build  and nurture an audience
Audit and use strategies to maximize your podcasting ROI
Distribute and market your podcast so your ideal client because a subscriber

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What is Podcasting?

A podcast is a digital audio program or series of episodes that are avaiable for streaming or downloading online. Podcasts cover a wide range of topics and users can subscribe to podcasts using various podcasting platgforms or apps, allowing them to automatically review new episodes as they are released.

Podcasts offer a convenient and accessible way for you to reach your ideal audience in a fresh new way!

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Why is podcasting important?

Podcasts provide a platform for individuals or businesses to reach a wider audience and engage their target marketing in a more personal and interactive way. By creating valuable content that resonates with your audience, you can build the like, know and trust factor quickly for a stronger relationship with your audience.

Hosting a podcast allow you to build your brand, distribute valueable and relevant content to attract your ideal client and helps to establish you as an expert in your industry!

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Still unsure? Check out what some of our clients say about our podcasting services!

Carter Oosterhouse


"Working with Jennie has streamlined our company and easily made us more efficient. For me, it’s always important to let the professionals do what they do best and just get out of the way. Jennie has instilled a trust factor for our company, which lets us put our focus in other areas."

CARTER OOSTERHOUSE is one of America’s most recognized lifestyle experts.



"Jennie's guidance & advice keep me out of overwhelm & freak out mode. Her ‘high-touch’ philosophy means that she gets back to me almost instantly, & our weekly phone calls ensure that we stay on the same page. I have no idea how she stays so organized & on top of everything! I now consider her a vital member of my team!”

SUMMER TURNER helps introverts thrive in a world that favors extroverts.



“Before working with Jennie, I had no social media presence or internet marketing strategy to speak of. Thanks to her, now I do! She has helped me to exponentially grow my business. I have been able to double my revenue and better serve my clients.”

JENNIFER BROWN of Successful Culture International is a business-focused human resources leader.

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