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Now is the time to unleash the power of online sales. More and more businesses are moving online, and in 2020, e-commerce sales grew by 25%. Don’t be left behind; make sure your business is set up for the future of online shopping. Whether you have a physical storefront, sell your creations at craft fairs, or have an Etsy shop, having an e-commerce platform on your website allows you to reach a wider audience where customers can purchase from your store whenever they desire.

We make it easy to set up an online store!

We will ensure your online storefront is user-friendly and easy to use
We make it easy for customers to purchase your products and services
We can help develop new sales channels for your business
We write personality-infused copy to entice your customers into buying
We can help you set up your store to track inventory, view reports, and more

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Integrating e-commerce into your website

It’s not enough to have an online store, however. With so much competition in the online space, you must ensure your system is robust, intuitive, and focused on excellent consumer experience. Once you are up and running, your business can’t afford to let customers slip through the cracks because of a neglected online store! Jennie Lyon Digital Marketing can help you manage your customers’ online shopping experience, from the moment they land on your home page to receiving their “thank you for purchasing” email.

Then, we’ll build brand loyalty by designing nurture and product email sequences to keep your customers engaged and encourage them to purchase again.

Deciding what's best for you

Many e-commerce solutions are available, offering various services like customer databases, transaction management, sales tracking, affiliate marketing, and email marketing integrations. Let us partner with you to determine which solution works best for your business.

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e-Commerce Services We Provide

We do all the heavy lifting for your e-commerce platform by setting up your account, integrating the e-commerce system into your website, customizing settings, and designing the interface to match your brand. We will make sure that everything is up and running so your customers will have the smoothest experience possible. All they will have to do is click the “add to cart” button, and you’ll be halfway to a sale!

We are a full-service e-commerce builder, offering everything you need to get your online store up and running—without the construction dust of opening a physical storefront. Here are the e-commerce services we provide:

  • Setup and website integration
  • Design and optimization
  • Merchant payment connections
  • Abandoned cart autoresponder setup
  • e-commerce transaction management
  • Order and sales tracking and reporting
  • Domain and hosting setup
  • Product setup
  • Pop up and opt-in creation
  • Pinterest Buyable buttons
  • Point of sale setup
  • Facebook shop setup
  • Merchant payment connections
  • Affiliate marketing program setup and management
  • Upsell setup
  • Products, memberships, and subscriptions setup
  • Autoresponder and broadcast setup and management
  • Customer database management
  • Email marketing campaign coordination and distribution
  • Email newsletter template creation
  • Manage marketing media
  • Promotion tracking analysis
  • Cart testing and maintenance
  • Customization and branding

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Some of our favorite e-commerce platforms

E-commerce platforms offer a variety of solutions for any business type and size. Don’t worry about figuring out which one is right for your business—we’ll walk you through the best options based on your business needs.


One million brands worldwide use Shopify to sell, ship, and process online payments. Shopify works for many different types of businesses.


WooCommerce is a plug-in designed for integrating e-commerce solutions on WordPress websites. Don’t have a website in place yet? We’ll create one for you!


Squarespace offers a variety of e-commerce solutions for physical and digital online product sales.


Not to be confused with Squarespace, online payment company Square lets you accept payments online, in-person, and build an online storefront.


SendOwl is an excellent platform for selling digital products, services, memberships, and subscriptions.


Wix is one of the leading website building platforms and offers its own e-commerce builder. Use a specifically designed WIX template for your online storefront.


This platform offers customization options for products, allowing customers to choose sizes, colors, and styles.


Magento is an e-commerce platform designed to work with the Adobe Experience Cloud.


Prestashop offers a variety of subscription levels so you can get the exact services you need.

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What to Expect

We offer a full suite of e-commerce capabilities with a team of experts who will design and maintain your online store so you can focus on what you do best: managing and growing your business. Here’s what we offer:

✓ Easy to use: A streamlined, easy-to-use customer experience.
✓ Quality: High-quality, customer-focused e-commerce platforms.
✓ Conversion focused: Sales and landing page copy that converts to sales and speaks to your target audience.
✓ Integrated: Seamless e-commerce integration with your current website, social media, and email marketing channels to foster customer relationships and loyalty.
✓ Your best foot forward: Beautifully designed e-commerce webpages optimized for growth.
✓ Responsive: A mobile-friendly and responsive platform to attract shoppers regardless of device.
✓ Management: Easy platform management that allows you to track inventory, prices, images, SKUs, shipping options, and reporting all in one place.

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Still unsure? Check out what some of our clients are saying about our e-commerce services!

Carter Oosterhouse

"Working with Jennie has streamlined our company and easily made us more efficient. For me, It’s always important to let the professionals do what they do best and just get out of the way. Jennie has instilled a trust factor for our company, which lets us put our focus in other areas."

CARTER OOSTERHOUSE is one of America’s most recognized lifestyle experts. Having carried many popular television series ranging from Trading Spaces and Red and Hot & Green to Million Dollar Rooms and Celebrity Motor Homes. Most recently, Carter played host to FYI’s Rowhouse Showdown and will be co-hosting ABC’s hit primetime series, The Great Christmas Light Fight.

Julie Revelant“Jennie’s digital marketing experience, combined with her excellent organizational skills, is a win-win for any small business. In fact, her social media efforts resulted in a 280% increase in email signups for my website!”

JULIE REVELANT is a health journalist and healthy school lunch advocate who teaches parents how to raise healthy kids who crave healthy food.

Fran Bishop"Before working with Jennie, it was challenging to keep our content and website refreshed and up to date. Often, we wouldn't notice that something was outdated on our website until it was too late. We knew what wasn't working, but we didn't know what we didn't know. Enter Jennie.

Jennie brought us fresh new marketing ideas to keep things moving and looking good on social media and the web. Her process is efficient, quick, and turn-key. Now, people understand exactly what we do and HOW WELL we do it before coming to the website. It's no longer an uphill battle to make a sale. Jennie's excellent eye for detail and content support is, no doubt, a key driver for this outcome.

Today's business landscape is competitive. Unless you have the budget for in-house support, you need to outsource communication, web development, and social media. Jennie does all that, and more!"

FRAN BISHOP of Aerobodies helps companies maximize their profits and strategic investments in human performance programs and wellness facilities.

Christina Hakkola“I am blown away. I seriously wanted to cry when I saw what an amazing job Jennie did for me (and for my clients) in such a short time. All of the content was fantastic, with no further edits required. ‘Thank you’ isn’t sufficient. I’m truly impressed and so grateful I found her.”

CHRISTINE HAKKOLA of Build Your Private Practice teaches therapists and counselors the precise steps to launch their private practice, attract dedicated clients, and simplify their business operation to create ease, flexibility, and financial security.

Summer Turner“I am so happy I hired Jennie! She’s a genius at what she does, allowing me to focus on what I’m good at, which are the fun, creative parts of being an entrepreneur. Every time I slide a task off my plate onto Jennie’s, she gets it done so quickly and efficiently that I’ve increased my own momentum. As a result, things are finally taking off in my business!

Jennie's guidance and advice keep me out of overwhelm and freak out mode. Her ‘high-touch’ philosophy means that she gets back to me almost instantly, and our weekly phone calls ensure that we stay on the same page. I have no idea how she stays so organized and on top of everything! I now consider her a vital member of my team!”

SUMMER TURNER helps introverted womanpreneurs who want a life and business of ease in flow in spiritual, personal, and financial alignment.

Stephanie Katherine“Jennie is my secret sauce! The startup phase of my new business was overwhelming me. I knew I needed a social media presence but did not know where to start, nor did I have the time to maintain it. Jennie has been awesome to work with! She created a wonderful digital presence for me online through my blog, Facebook, and Twitter. She keeps everything planned, scheduled, and maintained. I am amazed at how well she has gotten to know me and my business. She’s even able to write in “my voice”. Whenever I have had a few ideas I’d like to incorporate into my site, she would integrate them beautifully. This has been a huge help to me and allows me to better serve my clients and work on growing my business.”

STEPHANIE KATHERINE is a guide and mentor who empowers and provides ongoing support and guidance to set goals and make sustainable changes that improve health and happiness.

Stephanie Buehler

“I am a pro writer, so I tend to be picky about what gets put on my website. Jennie Lyon is the only person I’ve ever trusted to help me with blog posts and newsletters. With her great writing skills, she makes the entire process seamless. Honestly, I don’t know how she so consistently produces such great work, but I certainly appreciate it!”

STEPHANIE BUEHLER is a licensed psychologist and certified as a sex therapist and supervisor by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. She is the author of several books, speaks at major conferences across the country and around the globe.

Deberah Bringelson"My fear of hiring a virtual assistant was, would they be competent, responsive, understand my wants and needs, and the big one, would they care as much about my business as I do? Would they only do what was asked, or would they be a proactive problem solver and really become a part of my team? Honestly, I expected the answers to all of those questions to be some version of “No”.

But Jennie has been a resounding “Yes”! Every time I give her a project or ask if she can help with something, her response is either “Yes,” or “I’ll figure it out.” And she does! Jennie just helped me with a big launch and I so appreciate all of the things that she took off of my plate. She did them, made them work, and then tested them to make sure they were right. It was a huge stress reliever for me.

As for my question of whether she cares about my business as much as I do, she does. She set up a whole new program for me, with items that needed to be done that I wasn’t even aware existed. Imagine my delight when I saw that, without even being asked, Jennie had done them for me! She could have skipped them. But she knew that they were important, so she just did them without prompting.

I truly appreciate the great work that Jennie does for me and my company. Her skills are a tremendous asset. I love how competent she is. Most of all, I love that she’s got the attitude and spirit to “figure it out” if that’s what’s required to get a project done or a problem solved."

DEBERAH BRINGELSON is probably best known for her creative ingenuity, tenacity, and leadership while negotiating the Virgin America deal between Sir Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, for which she received the “Steal of the Year” award, for the deal that never should have happened. Deberah is an internationally recognized Business Development and Empowerment Expert, who has coached C-Suite Executives and consulted with companies in 16 countries.

Jennifer Brown“Before working with Jennie, I had no social media presence or internet marketing strategy to speak of. Thanks to her, now I do! She has helped me to exponentially grow my social media presence, develop an email subscriber list, create marketing launches, update/maintain my website, and write regular social media posts. Today, my social media and online marketing are on autopilot as she handles all of the details and timelines so that I don’t have too!

Jennie also helps me in many other aspects of my business including administration and client relations. She is a dream to work with – proactive, responsive, and diligent! Her work is top-notch and I’m grateful to her for all the help she gives me! Thanks to her contributions to my business, I have been able to double my revenue and better serve my clients.”

JENNIFER BROWN of Successful Culture International is a business-focused human resources leader who knows that a business is only as strong as it's people. Her goal is to provide thoughtful, specialized, and appropriate business solutions to challenging HR, leadership and organizational development issues.

Casey Sollock“Jennie has been so helpful in getting my new Squarespace website up to speed! Technology stresses me out… Thankfully, Jennie to the rescue! Everything I didn’t know how to do, she did. I only had to ask once and it was done in a timely manner. I have used her for multiple website projects and will absolutely be using her again in the future. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Jennie for your virtual assisting needs. She will take the stress out of your business life. Guaranteed.”

CASEY SOLLCOCK is a faith-based holistic health coach, author, and speaker, helping women lose weight, improve health, and live their purpose with passion and energy!

Kim MooreJennie has accelerated my business brand through her social media management and has taught me a lot about the importance of having a robust digital presence.

As a business owner, I have always found Jennie to be responsive, experienced, and knowledgeable, with a fantastic positive attitude! She’s a tremendous asset, allowing me to focus on building my coaching business. Jennie is an inspiration to me as a true professional who leads a healthy lifestyle as a mother and wife. She always offers a healthy, connected, and caring example in everything she does.

I’m proud to have her on my team and recommend her to anyone seeking a virtual assistant.”

KIM MOORE has worked with hundreds of individuals and teams, from senior executives of global companies to emerging leaders in mid-size organizations. Her signature coaching style combines the basic tenets of neuroscience and leadership development to provide clients with customized, head- and heart-driven coaching.

Karen Post“Working with Jennie is beyond a pleasure! Investing in her services allowed me to be more productive and focus on what I do best. She is a detailed and organized problem solver who always meets deadlines with a positive attitude. I would highly recommend Jennie to anyone looking for reliable and professional support.”

KAREN POST of Home Frosting, Tampa Bay's premier luxury home staging, and interior design company.

Ralph Chavin“Jennie is responsive, articulate and wonderful to work with. She never makes you feel like what you are asking for is too much. Over the course of our relationship, Jennie has greatly increased our Facebook likes and Twitter followers. We trust her to manage all of our social media platforms, with very little input from us necessary. For a small start-up, you need someone who understands social media and your business. Having Jennie manage and maintain those platforms has relieved a lot of pressure and freed us up to focus on growing our business. If you find yourself struggling to get it all done, you really need to let some of that go, and Jennie is the person you can trust to do it.”

RALPH CHAVIN of NibMor Chocolate offers the most deliciously rich, better-for-you, organic dark chocolate anywhere. The perfect blend of simple and thoughtfully sourced ingredients – with all of the certifications the whole family can enjoy.

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