Lead Generation

How do you find new customers? To identify those potentially interested in your products and services, you need a lead generation strategy. By reaching out to folks on social media and other platforms, we can help you find the people who would be your ideal customers and nurture them into paying clients!

We'll help you identify and convert potential customers into solid leads!

We write social media ads to help identify potential leads
We create lead magnets to help you engage with those leads
We write nurture sequences and newsletters to build your relationships
We develop comprehensive lead generation strategies

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What is a lead?

When you’ve identified a potential customer interested in your products and services, that’s a lead!

Identifying a lead is generally considered the first point in a sales cycle that will hopefully end with the lead becoming a repeat customer. The way you do this is by bringing people to your website, converting those potential customers into leads, and then through a variety of digital marketing efforts, make those leads into paying customers.

Leads a necessary for growth

Many new small business owners find themselves getting “stuck,” unable to grow their business because they can’t bring in enough new customers.

That’s where lead generation comes in. By marketing yourself through social media and other digital marketing methods, you can bring yourself to the attention of potential customers. From there, you can nurture your relationship with them through strategies like offering them free opt-ins, getting them onto your email list, and maybe even schedule a free consultation.

What lead generation techniques are the best?

You can utilize many strategies to bring in new leads, but we believe that for lead generation to be successful, you need to use ALL of them.

For example, lead magnets can be an incredible way to convert curious visitors to your website into solid leads. By providing them with valuable free content of the same quality as your paid offerings, you will be engaging with them, even before they enter the sales cycle. An exceptional lead magnet can prove your abilities, showing leads what they can expect from you if they become paying customers.

A weekly newsletter is also a fantastic way to nurture leads over time. Once they download your lead magnet, they should be added to your email list. A regularly released newsletter will show them the products you offer, third-party reviews, and a personalized message to build up your relationship.

There are many other avenues of lead generation, including building up your LinkedIn profile, boosting your brand on social media channels, and increasing your overall sales through direct outreach.

How can we help?

The best part about working with a virtual assistant team experienced in lead generation is that we can put together a specific strategy for you and your business.

If you are working with limited marketing funds, we can help direct your money to the places where it will make the biggest difference to your business. If you want to go all out in creating a comprehensive lead generation strategy, we can handle every aspect to put together a cohesive package to bring in new customers!

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What to Expect

✓ Expert knowledge: I’ve owned a successful small business for nearly 20 years.
✓ Polished lead magnets: We can create free lead magnets that match the quality and branding of your products and services.
✓ Scheduled newsletters: Build your relationship with your audience through regularly sent emails.
✓ LinkedIn Presence: We can help you build up your professional network to bring in more leads.

Still unsure? Check out what some of our clients say about our lead generation services!

Carter Oosterhouse"Working with Jennie has streamlined our company and easily made us more efficient. It’s always important for me to let the professionals do what they do best and get out of the way. Jennie has instilled a trust factor for our company, which lets us put our focus in other areas."

CARTER OOSTERHOUSE is one of America’s most recognized lifestyle experts. Having carried many popular television series ranging from Trading Spaces and Red and Hot & Green to Million Dollar Rooms and Celebrity Motor Homes. Most recently, Carter played host to FYI’s Rowhouse Showdown and will be co-hosting ABC’s hit primetime series, The Great Christmas Light Fight.

“Jennie’s digital marketing experience, combined with her excellent organizational skills, is a win-win for any small business. In fact, her social media efforts resulted in a 280% increase in email signups for my website!”

JULIE REVELANT is a health journalist and healthy school lunch advocate who teaches parents how to raise healthy kids who crave healthy food.

Fran Bishop Headshot"Jennie brought us fresh new marketing ideas to keep things moving and looking good on social media and the web. Her process is efficient, quick, and turn-key. Now, people understand exactly what we do and HOW WELL we do it before coming to the website. It's no longer an uphill battle to make a sale. Jennie's excellent eye for detail and content support is, no doubt, a key driver for this outcome.

FRAN BISHOP of Aerobodies helps companies maximize their profits and strategic investments in human performance programs and wellness facilities.

“I am blown away. I seriously wanted to cry when I saw what an amazing job Jennie did for me (and for my clients) in such a short time. All of the content was fantastic, with no further edits required. ‘Thank you’ isn’t sufficient. I’m truly impressed and so grateful I found her.”

CHRISTINE HAKKOLA of Build Your Private Practice teaches therapists and counselors the precise steps to launch their private practice, attract dedicated clients, and simplify their business operation to create ease, flexibility, and financial security.

“I am so happy I hired Jennie! She’s a genius at what she does, allowing me to focus on what I’m good at, the fun, creative parts of being an entrepreneur. Every time I slide a task off my plate onto Jennie’s, she gets it done so quickly and efficiently that I’ve increased my own momentum. As a result, things are finally taking off in my business!"

SUMMER TURNER helps introverted womanpreneurs who want a life and business of ease in flow in spiritual, personal, and financial alignment.

“Jennie is my secret sauce! The startup phase of my new business was overwhelming me. I knew I needed a social media presence but did not know where to start or have the time to maintain it. Jennie has been awesome to work with! She created a wonderful digital presence for me online through my blog, Facebook, and Twitter. She keeps everything planned, scheduled, and maintained. I am amazed at how well she has gotten to know me and my business. She’s even able to write in “my voice”. Whenever I have had a few ideas I’d like to incorporate into my site, she would integrate them beautifully. This has been a huge help to me and allows me to serve my clients better and work on growing my business.”

STEPHANIE KATHERINE is a guide and mentor who empowers and provides ongoing support and guidance to set goals and make sustainable changes that improve health and happiness.

“Jennie is a dream to work with – proactive, responsive, and diligent! Her work is top-notch, and I’m grateful to her for all the help she gives me! Thanks to her contributions to my business, I have been able to double my revenue and better serve my clients.”

JENNIFER BROWN of Successful Culture International is a business-focused human resources leader who knows that a business is only as strong as its people. Her goal is to provide thoughtful, specialized, and appropriate business solutions to challenging HR, leadership and organizational development issues.

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