LinkedIn Audit & Rewrite



Let’s talk LinkedIn, shall we? It’s like the hidden gem of the online world, a powerhouse tool waiting to elevate your professional game. Think of it as your virtual playground for networking, making impactful connections, and yes, even raking in some cash. But here’s the kicker: it’s all about that profile.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Yet, so many folks miss the mark with their profiles. They think they’ve covered all the bases, with a snazzy headline and a photo that screams ‘hire me’. But then, their connections? They’re either spammy or just not sparking real conversations.

I’m all about wringing out every last drop of potential from a platform to supercharge my business.

Here’s the bottom line: Your LinkedIn profile isn’t just a placeholder. It’s your golden ticket to landing clients, scoring referrals, or even losing out on opportunities.

You’ve got a ton of digital real estate at your fingertips, and trust me, you want to make every pixel count.

That’s where we swoop in with our LinkedIn Audit, conducted by our seasoned team of experts.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive Profile Audit (no stone left unturned)
  • Scrutiny by a Marketing Expert
  • A once-over by a Marketing Copywriter
  • A snazzy new Professional Cover courtesy of our Expert Designer
  • Fine-tuning of your existing Headshot by our Expert Designer
  • Two rounds of rewrites (because perfection is key)
  • A personalized 30-minute one-on-one to go over the finer details
  • And finally, the cherry on top: Upload of your gleaming, polished Profile

Ready to make LinkedIn work for you?


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