LinkedIn Audit & Rewrite



We all know LinkedIn is one of the most powerful free tools on the web. It’s a great way to network, get noticed, meet new people, and make money. But it’s only as good as its profile.

Makes sense right?

But so many people miss the mark on their profile. They think they have highlighted everything, have a catchy headline, and a nice photo.

But connections are either spam or not converting to real-time conversations.

I’m a strong proponent of squeezing every bit of potential from a platform to have it work for my business.

Bottom Line: A well-presented LinkedIn profile can mean the difference between landing a client, getting a referral, or losing a client.

You have a ton of space to work with, and you can optimize that space for maximum impact.

That’s where we come in with a LinkedIn Audit conducted by our expert team.

What’s included:

Deep Dive Profile Audit (you get a full punch list)
Review by a Marketing Expert
Review by a Marketing Copywriter
New Professional Cover by Expert Designer
Editing of your Existing Headshot by Expert Designer
Two-rounds of Rewrites (with your feedback)
1:1 30 Minute Call to Review
Upload of the Finished Profile


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