Small Business Owners: Website Audit



Have you ever looked at your website and thought, this is such a mess? While the content might be high quality (or not!), that doesn’t mean that it is well organized. It also doesn’t mean that the content is performing as well as it could be or that your website is easy to navigate. Are you using the right keywords? Does the copy spell out exactly what you do and how it can benefit your customer? Are your pages set up in a way that makes it easy for your visitor to make a quick decision on what to do next? If you feel like your website is coming up short, it might be time for a website audit.

We offer a comprehensive website audit to access your current website and give you an outline of what changes you can make to ensure you have the best website you can! And after the audit, if you want us to implement the changes, we can do that too for an additional charge.



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