New Sub-Contractor Work for Hire Contract


Have a growing virtual assistant business and need to take on sub-contractors to handle all your clients? Be sure you have a signed contract to formalize your business arrangement, and protect both your and your sub-contractors’ best interests. This instantly downloadable contract template is based on the one I use for my own virtual assistant business.


Running a burgeoning business and looking to bring on subcontractors to handle your growing client base? Make sure to formalize your business agreements with a signed contract, safeguarding both your interests and those of your subcontractors. This instantly accessible contract template mirrors the one I rely on for my own business.

Typically, having a lawyer draft such contracts could set you back at least $100. By swiftly generating your own contracts, you can save those funds for other vital resources needed to scale your business! You may want to have this document reviewed by a legal professional to ensure it’s tailored to your specific needs and complies with local regulations.

Once your contracts are squared away, I recommend rolling out a Sub-Contractor Welcome Kit. It’s the ideal toolkit to furnish new team members with all the vital information they need to seamlessly integrate into your operations.


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