7 Steps To A Successful Cold Outreach Email Sequence

By Jennie Lyon / May 22, 2023

Cold outreach can be an effective way to connect and market to your potential clients, partners, or influencers. However, it’s crucial to strike the right balance between being personable and avoiding a pushy sales approach. If you come off as spammy, your open rates will be terrible, and your response rates will be worse than that. In this article, we will discuss the essential steps that will help you craft successful cold emails that will tell a story in your authentic voice, capture your audiences’ attention and generate positive responses. Today’s Overview  Step 1: Define and Segment Your Target Audience …

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3 Steps To Capturing And Converting Leads + Free Downloads

By Jennie Lyon / May 16, 2023
3 Steps To Capturing And Converting Leads

Over the past 22 years, we’ve worked with thousands of small business owners, helping them craft the perfect free offer! And while having a fantastic free offer is the first step in capturing and converting leads, it’s only one small piece of the puzzle.  Lead conversion isn’t just about getting eyes on your website; it’s about grabbing their attention (and email address!), nurturing them, and converting them into paying customers. It’s about creating an incredible customer journey and user experience that’s so compelling that leads can’t help but come back for more! Before you can get into converting a visitor…

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How To Make Your ICA The Center Of The Story & Lead Them On A Journey To YOU ! + Free Download

By Jennie Lyon / May 9, 2023

The most common mistake I see small business owners make in their sales and marketing efforts is to cast themselves, company or product as the center of the story. But the truth is, if you want customers to buy from you, you must tell a story in which they are the star of the story, not you! Make Your Client the Center of the Story  When it comes to any big-budget film, the hero is the star of the story. The one who takes action to overcome difficulties in order to achieve something they desire. 9 times out of 10,…

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Top 10 Proven Strategies to Build Your Email List + Freebies

By Jennie Lyon / April 18, 2023
Top 10 Proven Strategies to Build Your Email List + Freebies

How often do you sign up for a brand’s emails? If you’re like me, you most likely only subscribe to an email list if you KNOW you’re going to get VALUE from the emails. Because let’s face it, there are certain brands that I absolutely adore, but I’m only signing up for their newsletters if I believe in what they promote and the stories that they tell in their emails. BONUS, if their emails make me smile.  Email marketing is a highly effective way to reach out to customers, build relationships, and boost sales. In fact, email marketing has the…

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6 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Conversion Funnel

By Jennie Lyon / April 11, 2023

Have you ever been sitting in traffic thinking to yourself, Dang, I wish I could get traffic like this to my website? If you are stuck at stagnant levels of growth or if you’re searching for ways to get more traffic into your ecosystem, you are not alone! There are a lot of things you can do to drive more traffic into your world, but more importantly, once you get the traffic, you need to convert it to boost those bottom-line profits!  Today, I’ll discuss what conversion funnels are and how they impact your customer journey. Then, you’ll learn how…

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How To Choose A Lead Magnet That Brings In A Steady Stream of Leads

By Jennie Lyon / February 7, 2023
How To Choose A Lead Magnet That Brings In A Steady Stream of Leads

Creating a lead magnet is a great way to generate leads for your business. If you’ve been in business any amount of time, you already know this. So I am not revealing some industry-hidden secret here. However, choosing the right lead magnet is something of huge value. If done the right way, and is also something that is often done wrong.  These days customers are not so quick to give up their information. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Well, today’s your lucky day! Not only do I have actionable…

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1 Successful Tweak To Speed Up The Customer Journey + FREE Download

By Jennie Lyon / August 16, 2022
1 Successful Tweak to Speed Up The Customer Journey

Ready To Learn How You Lead Clients Through Your Customer Journey?  I bet this sounds familiar: you’ve spent endless hours creating your customer journey, but latent sales are what you experience more so than hasty conversions. Or maybe you are on the other side of the coin, and you’re embarrassed to admit that your customer journey is haphazard.   I’m sharing with you one proven tweak that can be made to speed up your customer journey (and conversions). Let’s dive in.  Blog Overview  Creating a compelling customer journey is essential for success in sales, yet many businesses struggle to do so.…

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6 Key Email Sequences to a Successful Launch

By Jennie Lyon / February 15, 2022

You’ve done all the hard work to generate buzz, built your email list, and crafted the perfect offer. So now what?  One of the most critical aspects of planning your launch is your email sequences. The internet and every launch expert have their own strategy tips on how to convert your offer at the highest numbers possible. But, here’s the kicker… copying someone else’s offer has no value because your audience, you, and your offer are different. If you have been following me for any amount of time, then you have heard me talk about how your ideal customer should…

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How To Select Your ICA & Craft Your Compelling Message Like An Expert!

By Jennie Lyon / January 4, 2022

You know how it feels when you’re talking to someone, and they just aren’t listening? It’s almost like they can’t hear a word you’re saying or that they are in their own world. The same thing happens in marketing, believe it or not, especially when it comes to crafting a compelling message. When it comes to marketing, sometimes it feels like you’re invisible. You’ve invested time and energy into creating content, writing marketing emails and posts, but the response is lackluster at best. No matter how hard you work, your prospects aren’t converting. As I have repeated time and time,…

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What is List Fatigue? 5 Ways to Overcome it!

By Jennie Lyon / October 5, 2021
What is List Fatigue 5 Ways to Overcome it

Do you find yourself scrolling past articles with titles like “7 Ways to Increase Your Email Subscribers by 20%” or “How to Gain More Followers on Social Media” because they all say the same thing? You’re not alone. It’s called list fatigue and it’ll ruin most of your marketing efforts if left unchecked.  List fatigue happens when people are over-exposed to emails that don’t provide any new information or are not keeping a pulse on what the reader actually wants to be consuming. I know you’re busy. You’ve got a million things on your plate, not to mention the fact…

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