Steps To Automate Your Email Marketing & Why It’s So Important!

By Jennie Lyon / December 12, 2023
How to Automate Your Email Marketing & Why It's So Important

Life is busy, even busier if you’re a small business owner! One of the first steps to having a successful online business is having a robust email list full of raving fans and paying customers. If you’re like me, finding time to stay on top of your email marketing can feel very time intensive and overwhelming! What’s a small business owner to do? Automate your email marketing, of course!  When you automate your email marketing, you not only save time but, more importantly, you boost engagement with your ICA (ideal client avatar), nurture those relationships by building the know, like,…

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How to Leverage the Power of Micro-Moments for a Winning Online Marketing Strategy

By Jennie Lyon / October 17, 2023

Hello, online entrepreneurs! Today, we’re about to explore an intriguing topic that might be off your radar: micro-moments marketing. Don’t worry if you’re wondering what micro-moments marketing is, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive deep into the different stages in your marketing funnel and how to use micro-moments in online marketing, decipher what they entail, and discover how they can be a game-changer for your business by boosting customer engagement and ultimately driving sales. Content Overview Understanding the Concept of Micro-Moments in MarketingMicro-Moments at the Top of Funnel: The Awareness StageGoals of the Awareness StageRole of the Awareness…

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What Is a Marketing Audit? And Do I Need One For My Business?

By Jennie Lyon / June 6, 2023
What is a Marketing Audit? And Do I Need One For My Business?

Small business owners always look for ways to make more money in our online business. But there are so many strategies, tactics, tips, and tricks knowing where to focus your efforts can be overwhelming and very challenging. We offer all of our clients a marketing audit as it gives a holistic overview of your marketing efforts. It allows you to easily see what’s working, what isn’t and could be improved, and where there are gaps that opportunities are sitting in! Today, let’s take a closer look at marketing audits and whether or not you need one. Content Overview What Is…

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What is StoryBrand Marketing and How to Implement it into Your Business

By Jennie Lyon / May 30, 2023
What is StoryBrand Marketing and How to Implement it into Your Business

If you own a business, you NEED StoryBrand marketing! By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about StoryBrand marketing, but if you’ve somehow missed it, here’s some backstory. Building a StoryBrand was written by Donald Miller in 2017. This framework shows you how to simplify your messaging, giving you the advantage over your competitors by helping your audience understand the benefits of using your products or services, for example. Once I read and implemented it, I couldn’t get enough. In this blog, I’m going to start by sharing what StoryBrand marketing is and why I love it. Then, I’ll share…

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3 Steps To Capturing And Converting Leads + Free Downloads

By Jennie Lyon / May 16, 2023
3 Steps To Capturing And Converting Leads

Over the past 22 years, we’ve worked with thousands of small business owners, helping them craft the perfect free offer! And while having a fantastic free offer is the first step in capturing and converting leads, it’s only one small piece of the puzzle.  Lead conversion isn’t just about getting eyes on your website; it’s about grabbing their attention (and email address!), nurturing them, and converting them into paying customers. It’s about creating an incredible customer journey and user experience that’s so compelling that leads can’t help but come back for more! Before you can get into converting a visitor…

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7 Ways To Use An Incredible Tripwire Upsell Offer In Your Sale Funnels

By Jennie Lyon / April 25, 2023
7 Ways to Use An Incredible Tripwire Upsell Offer in Your Funnels

Upselling can be an incredibly effective marketing tool in your funnel, allowing you to increase the average order value and obtain additional revenue. When someone becomes a lead, they’ve already shown interest in your business, but the only way to separate those lookers from buyers is to ask for the sale! There’s a big difference between a free lead magnet and a core product offering. Stated it’s hard to get someone to go from a free offer to a high-priced one; that is where tripwires shine.  Warming people up by upselling through tripwires can help guide customers to purchase products…

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