Client Care

Do you ever feel like client care is taking up too much of your time? Are you a small business that can’t afford a team to help you provide your clients with a flawless customer service experience? We have the perfect solution!

We help you manage and develop your client relationships, creating a customer base that will build your business!

✓ We help manage your customer relationships
✓ We put a personal, friendly “face” on your business
✓ We provide a VIP experience for clients
✓ We deliver expert-level customer service

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What is client care?

Expert-level client care is often what marks the difference between a successful and a struggling small business.

As a small business owner, your clients ARE your business, so developing and maintaining strong, healthy relationships with them is key to long-term success. That said, not every business owner is a classic “people person,” nor do we all have adequate time in the day to respond to clients as fully as we would like.

Why is client care important?

While business owners need to ensure that they are giving clients a professional, trustworthy face to go with their name, they also need to make sure all of their new, established, and potential clients’ needs, questions, and correspondence are attended to in a timely fashion. If clients feel neglected or ignored, even if you have every intention of getting back to them when you can, they may go elsewhere.

How can we help?

Partnering with a virtual assistant who can manage your client relationships on a day-to-day basis will show customers that they are important to you, and that you will make sure someone is always available to address their needs and wants. With the help of a virtual assistant who is able to respond promptly, spend ample time speaking over phone and email, and help you get to know your clients better, you can give every client the VIP treatment so that each one feels like they are your most important client.

My career began in client relations; I love talking with people and helping to solve their problems. I can be your “people person,” whether through email, over the phone, or on social media. Let me help you take your client care to the next level!

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Services we provide:

✓ Online client care (email, chat, social media)
✓ Offline client care (inbound/outbound sales, prospect calls, follow up calls, customer service, technical support calls)
✓ Virtual phone system setup and implementation
✓ Physical phone system setup and implementation
✓ Custom main and voicemail greeting creation and uploads
✓ Potential employee interviews/screenings

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Still unsure? Check out what some of my clients say about our client care services.

“Jennie is my “go-to girl.” When I need assistance with social media posts, formatting documents, assisting with web-based technologies, or just about any project or task that I can’t tackle, she’s the first contact I make. She is highly organized and frequently checks-in to be sure I have what I need. She sends me reminders when it’s close to a deadline, which helps keep me on task. And when I am crunched for time, she checks to see if there are things I have on my plate that she can assist with, decreasing my workload (and stress level). None of this is ever done in a way that feels like she’s trying to sell her services. Rather, it comes from her deep commitment to helping her clients succeed. I appreciate that Jennie always has work completed sooner than expected and checks to be sure the quality of her product meets my expectations.”

+ Deborah Lee | Better Choices Wellness

“WHAT would I do without Jennie?! This woman has single-handedly kept this insanely busy entrepreneur on track. I’ve worked with other personal and virtual assistants in the past, but Jennie is truly one of the most amazing people I have worked with. She listens carefully to my full vision of any project and has the intuition and insight to make it bigger and better than you could have imagined. She is also very organized, making her incredibly effective and efficient. She collaborates extremely well with everyone on my team. I am so lucky to have her, and you will be too. If you want results in your business and someone who can go with the flow, Jennie is your new virtual assistant.”

+ Heather K. Terry | Founder, Ggachi Bakery, NibMor Chocolate and author of From Broadway to Wall Street: Cautionary Tales of an Unlikely Entrepreneur

“Working with Jennie is such a delight! She’s one of the most organized virtual assistants I’ve ever come across. She always gets things done on time, if not even ahead of schedule. With the help of her knowledgeable, trustworthy support, she keeps all of my projects on track and takes multiple “to-do”s off my plate, freeing me up to focus on more important parts of my business. If you’re looking to grow your business, I highly recommend Jennie.”

+ Jennifer Fugo, MSc | Gluten Free School

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