What is a Virtual Concierge and Why Do I Need One?

Virtual concierge services are popping up all around as individuals and business owners seek to outsource tasks and planning in a cost-effective and professional way. You’ve probably heard the term but may be unsure what virtual concierge services are. A virtual concierge does many of the things an in-person concierge would do—make travel arrangements, send cards and correspondence, plan events—except that virtual concierges perform these duties for multiple industries and businesses instead of just one—traditionally a hotel or hospitality business.

In my virtual assistant business, I offer both virtual assistance and concierge services. Concierges typically focus on client relations and administration, performing tasks like creating client welcome packets, purchasing gifts or reserving tickets to events, planning weddings and parties, scheduling appointments and travel, and performing local in-person services (like photographing your home for a real estate listing) that businesses or individuals may be unable to perform due to geographical or time constraints.

Now that we’re clear on what a virtual concierge does, let’s talk about why you need one. Utilizing a concierge for client- and employee-centered tasks that you either don’t have time for or don’t have enough time to give your full attention to can result in increased customer loyalty and reduced employee turnover, which also means more time and money for your business. Additionally, concierge can give clients personalized, focused attention, leaving you to multitask and complete your long list of operational and big-picture items.

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Because concierges specialize in what they do, they will be familiar with new technology and networking in their field like booking engines and local restaurant and hotel review sites, so you can rest assured that your clients and employees are taken care of by someone with “insider information”. Finally, like virtual administrative assistants, concierges simply provide you with more time and money by taking tasks off your plate that doesn’t need to be handled by you personally, and because they are contractors who only bill for time actually spent working, outsourcing these tasks to virtual concierges is more cost-effective than delegating them to in-house employees.

Where could your business use an extra pair of (virtual) hands? Would your business benefit from a warm, professional presence providing one-on-one attention to clients and staff?

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