Why You Need a Virtual Assistant in the New Year… And I’m Not Talking about Alexa or Siri!

JLVAS Why you need a virtual assistant in the new year

You know, the only bad part about taking a vacation during the holidays is when you return to work in January. You sit down at your desk and just feel… stressed. You might feel overwhelmed at the amount of work that has piled up while you were taking a well-deserved festive rest with family and friends. There are clients to take care of, blog posts and social media that need to be written, a ton of email marketing to send out… Happy New Year!

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all alone. If you had a virtual assistant working for you over the holiday season, you wouldn’t have had to worry about this backlog of work, it would have all been done for you! But don’t worry, it isn’t too late. With the help of a virtual assistant (big difference there between a virtual assistant and a digital assistant), you can plow through the holiday backlog and get started on a fantastic, successful new year!

Digital assistants are getting more and more advanced every day. AI platforms like Siri or Alexa can be fantastic for making quick reminders, calendar entries, setting timers and alarm, and calling people on your contact list, but they aren’t really that great at anything more advanced than that. For example, content creation. Tell Siri to write you a blog about business productivity and you will probably get back a confused, but witty, response.  

Obviously a virtual assistant doesn’t have those limitations. We write exactly what you tell us to, with a professional edge or conversational style. It’s all up to you. Blogs, website copy, newsletters, press releases… If you want to get rid of the backlog of writing piling up on your desk, all you need to do is hand it off to a virtual assistant, and you will soon get back a polished, professional product ready to be published online.

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Graphic Design
Here is another area where a digital assistant falls a bit short. Alexa can easily order you a copy of Photoshop on Amazon, she might even get you a deal on it, but she doesn’t know how to use it!

A virtual assistant can help you with all of your graphic design needs. If you need new graphics for your website (or even a completely new website design), a virtual assistant can provide you with fabulous graphics that are in complete alignment with your already existing branding. If you want to completely rebrand your company this upcoming year, a virtual assistant can design you an eye-catching new logo that will perfectly encapsulate everything about your business. You get everything that you would with an in-house graphic designer, at a fraction of the price!

Email Marketing
Your marketing efforts can take a huge hit over the holidays. Most companies do a huge marketing push at the beginning of December, trying to capture those holiday dollars, but then will take it easy the last two weeks of the year. With the beginning of January, it’s time to recapture your customers’ attention with a round of effective email marketing!

If you have any big plans for the new year, email marketing is the ideal way to make sure your customers know about them. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get your content, advertising, and news out there to your clients. It’s important to make sure that your email marketing efforts all have a professional, engaging edge. Well-designed and well-written email marketing won’t get shuffled into your customers’ SPAM folders, they will get read, engaged with, and drive business to your company throughout the new year!

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Web Support
If there is one thing that small businesses don’t have time for, it is extensive tech problems. You just need your website to work! If there is something wrong with your e-Commerce platform, it will cost you money. Unfortunately, Google Assistant can do a lot, but it can’t fix broken links or malfunctioning shopping carts. This is where a virtual assistant can really shine behind-the-scenes, supplying professional web support and making sure that the online components of your business just WORK!

Getting rid of the backlog of holiday work is your first step towards a successful year. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can clear out your beginning of the year to-do list in record time, allowing you to focus on the big picture things like building a comprehensive business plan for your year!

In fact, let me do you a favor, download my free workbook that walks you through writing your business plan! 

PS, we think that digital assistants are fantastic, I use mine all the time! But when you want WORK done, the assistant you really want on your side is a virtual one! Contact me today and we can get started on building a successful year for your business!

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