5 Unique Small Business Digital Marketing Tips

Small businesses need to utilize these digital marketing tips—period! In the days before the internet, companies spent huge sums on visual campaigns. Nowadays, this type of marketing is not only old-fashioned and expensive but becoming irrelevant, too.

The majority of consumers read, shop, and communicate on their devices. The average adult’s attention span is around 6-8 seconds, so you have to grab their attention quickly.

Today’s small business owners can benefit from a wide, growing variety of platforms to market their businesses. You now have the ability to learn so much more about your target audience and market specifically to your niche. From face-to-face networking to cross-promotion, there are plenty of ways to market your small business! The following are 5 unique, effective ways to market to your list.

1. Sponsor a Local Event

Spend some time getting to know your ideal customer, whether it’s via a software platform like Google Analytics or your own insight and research, and find out where your client spends time and what events they attend. Sponsor events where your target audience is likely to spend time, like community fundraisers, conventions, marathons, and classes. This local, community-based approach will help you develop personal relationships with clients—which is priceless—and give you even greater insight into what your clients need and want.

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2. Cross Promote

Team up with relevant, complementary businesses in your area and budget share. You can cross-promote via online ads, social media platforms, classes, events, conventions, flyers, and word of mouth. Promoting your businesses together builds credibility and communicates to clients that you understand the scope of their needs and wants.

3. Ask Clients for Referrals and Testimonials

Recommendations and word of mouth are still some of the best ways to attract customers who will stick around and spend a lot of money with your business. When you know a client is satisfied, don’t be afraid to respectfully and professionally ask them to refer friends or write a short testimonial for your website. You can even include client testimonials and reviews in your weekly business ezine.

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4. Discount and Give Away Work

When you’re starting out—and even after you’re established—one of the easiest ways to draw new clients and keep existing clients is by offering discounts, promotions, and even giving away a sample of your product or a free hour of work. Clients who get a taste of what you do and feel that you are generous will come back for more.

5. Build Relationships With Existing Clients

It’s less expensive to keep current clients than to try to get new ones. You must offer a personal, trustworthy relationship to clients as part of the product or service they’re selling. It’s all about building relationships.

What creative ways have you reached out to your list? What worked the best, and what flopped?

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