Why Your Business Needs an Ezine and What to Include in it

For those who are unfamiliar, ezines are electronic newsletters or magazines that you email periodically to customers or clients who have opted in (signed up for the e-zine). Ezines allow you to stay in contact with your customers/clients while building a relationship of trust and interest. At Jennie Lyon Virtual Assistant Services, newsletter services are one of my specialties.

If you are a small business owner who is new to ezines, here are a few basic do’s and don’t’s:


  • Include blog posts, special offers, and coupons
  • Offer the ezine weekly or monthly, making sure that your business can stay on schedule if you offer a weekly email (utilizing a virtual assistant service can ensure that you stay on track!).
  • Limit blatant self-promotion and advertising. Sell your services in subtler ways.
  • Include top-notch, quality content. Your customers have put the ball in your court by opting into the ezine and choosing to read it—make your content count!
  • In line with the last tip, think quality, not quantity when creating content.
  • Use your ezine as an opportunity to bond with your clients by including a personal note and new information about your business.
  • Include all pertinent contact information in your ezine and a link to your website.
  • Include a testimonial from a happy client, it’s a great way to show potential clients how amazing you are!
  • Include an about me section, where you include more information about yourself and the services that you offer.

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  • Send your ezine to anyone who has not subscribed. Spam laws are strict and applicable to this type of mailing.
  • Make your ezine too lengthy—again, your clients have chosen to take time out of their day to read it. You don’t want to bore them or put them off by giving them a virtual earful.
  • Include a misleading subject in your email, for example starting the subject off with a “Re:” or “Fwd:”.

Publishing an ezine is a great way to stay connected with your client base and keep your business in front of them. Because you’re not directly selling anything through your newsletter, it creates a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your clients in a pressure-free context.

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How has your business stayed connected with clients and kept them abreast of new developments, offers, and information?

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