3 Ways for Busy Entrepreneurs to Build Relaxation into Their Work

Anyone who is dedicated to their job, especially an entrepreneur, tends to throw everything they’ve got into their work, sometimes logging 60+ hours per week and giving 110% of themselves. While this kind of dedication can result in a handsomely rewarding career, it can also throw off work/life balance and cause burnout. I know what you’re saying—“But, the work’s got to be done!”—and you’re right, it does. While this is true, we can accomplish a lot more when we’re rested, calm, and focused than we can when we are frazzled and constantly burning the candle at both ends. Fortunately, there are ways of accomplishing your vocational goals without sacrificing your health, energy, and peace of mind. These three tips to build relaxation into your work life are a great way to start productively harnessing your time and energy at work so that it doesn’t spill over into the rest of your life.

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  1. Pace Yourself
    As enthusiastic entrepreneurs with big ideas and long-term goals, it’s easy tempting to try and get everything done right away, especially when you’re just starting out and want your business up and running yesterday! While gusto is an admirable quality and one that will lead you to success, attempting to produce a totally complete business within too short a time period is unrealistic and can very quickly lead to burnout and disappointment. Set realistic goals, have a plan in place, and talk to other entrepreneurs—Rome was not built in a day and most businesses take a little while to take off.
  2. Harness the Muse
    While some people thrive within the structure of a 9-5 schedule, busy entrepreneurs usually don’t. Many leaders, CEOs, and visionaries share the qualities of creativity and a broad vision and tend to produce their best work when they feel inspired because their inspiration provides all the energy necessary to complete the project at hand. However, inspiration doesn’t always come conveniently between the hours of 9-5! It can come at 2 in the morning, it can arrive unexpectedly and last for days or weeks on end, or can remain scarce for long periods. Instead of forcing yourself to do all your heavy lifting within a rigid schedule when you may just be spinning your wheels because you aren’t in the flow, experiment with working on major projects or steps only when you feel the inspired energy to do so—for however long that energy lasts. During times when the muse is absent, do work that doesn’t require as robust a focus.
  3. Delegate
    One of the best ways to relax and focus on what you most enjoy doing during your workday is to delegate tasks that drain your energy, distract you, or that may not utilize your strongest skills. Hiring a virtual assistant who specializes in the areas that you don’t have time or energy to focus on—your administrative upkeep, project management, email marketing, social media, for example—allows you the freedom to spend your precious time on the work that is most important to you while trusting that everything else is in capable hands.

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