The Netflix Effect: Why Do We Love to Binge Content?


Ok, I’m going to admit it. I… occasionally… binge watch Netflix.

I know, I know, I’ve heard all the arguments against it. It ruins the show, it’s a waste of time, etc. But the fact is that it’s fun to binge watch a show with your loved ones (or by yourself with a giant bowl of popcorn).

Binge watching has gone from something that only those who buy DVD box sets do to something that just about everyone does. You pick a show on Netflix, sit down on the couch, and enjoy the ride. But Netflix is only one option for binging content. We tend to lump all “binge-watching” into a single category, but it can be very different depending on the platform you’re engaged with.

How Binge Watching Works on Different Platforms

For example, Netflix is specifically set up to promote binge-watching a single TV show, one episode after another. As soon as the credits at the end of an episode come up, you get a heads up that the next episode will be starting in 10 seconds or so. Sure, you can reach for the remote to prevent this, but eh, it’s less work just to let it continue. And besides, you still have some popcorn left in the bowl, right?

On a platform like YouTube, binge-watching works a little differently. There is still the countdown to the next video, but it is rarely part of a series. Instead, YouTube’s algorithm is looking at your viewing habits and finding videos that it thinks you might like. Sometimes, these suggested videos that automatically play are right on the money. Other times, you might end up watching something that you would never have clicked on yourself in a million years. Either way, you’re primed to sit there and watch the content come at you, one video after another, until you’ve finally had enough.

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How Can This Benefit Your Small Business?

For years now, I’ve been under the opinion that video is the future (actually, the present) of content marketing.

While writing a blog is still the bread and butter of your website’s content, producing video content on YouTube is a fabulous way to promote “personal” engagement with your customers. In a video, your audience can see your face, hear your voice, and actually take in your expertise on the subject you’re talking about. This creates a much more emotional connection to you than is possible with a blog post. It isn’t quite face-to-face contact, but it’s close.

How Often Should You Post?

Chances are that if you go to most small business YouTube channels, you are only going to see one or two videos that were produced months (or even years) ago and then left to gather dust. YouTube is not promoting this kind of content. Instead, it’s just sitting there. Yes, it can do your small business some good if you embed it into your website, but it isn’t connecting you to new customers.

If you want the YouTube algorithm to start taking you “seriously,” you need to be producing video content regularly. This could be once a week, twice monthly, or even just every month. The more content you have and the more people who watch it, the more traction your YouTube channel will get, both with viewers and with the algorithm.

Are You Worried About Quality?

I’m not going to lie to you; the first few videos that you put up on YouTube are going to be kind of rough.

That’s to be expected the first time you try something new. Your first attempt at putting up content isn’t going to be as polished and professional as what you are likely used to seeing from others who have more YouTube experience. You might find yourself a bit embarrassed by the content, not wanting to put it up online.

But I want you to do an experiment: go to one of your favorite YouTube channels; one that has been posting content for a few years. Go back in their history to the very first video they posted and watch it. I bet that the video won’t be much better than the one you just made. Everyone has to start somewhere, and creating video content, like everything else, has a learning curve.

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What I Can Do to Help

If you want to take a few shortcuts when it comes to boosting the quality of your video content, I can certainly help!

First, the presentation. I can create polished, professional graphics that will show up at the beginning and end of your video, acting as bookends. This will give it a more professional feel than simply you saying, “Uh. Alright. Bye,” at the end of it.

If you aren’t quite sure what to say in your videos, I can help by writing you a pro script. This script could be adapted from your own talking points and will be written so it is easy to say out loud. This will help to reduce the amount of “Ums,” and “Ahs,” that pepper your speech.

I can also help you when it comes to posting and optimizing the content. Even after you’ve produced the YouTube video, that’s just the beginning. You need to set up the channel, post the video, write an SEO friendly description, use the correct keywords, and then moderate the comments. I can handle all of this for you. All you have to do is record the content and I can do the rest.

Promoting Your Content is Key

Finally, I can then promote your content over a variety of digital marketing channels. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are, of course, fantastic for this. We can then promote your video in your weekly blog and newsletter to your customers. Getting the word out can be time-consuming, but well worth it to help you build your online audience.

Of course, if video content isn’t your style, there are still tons of other options! You can always go with a weekly blog that will broadcast your expert credentials to the world. If you want something a little more long-form, an opt-in like a whitepaper, checklist, or ebook might be just the thing to drum up some interest in signing up for your email list. Or if you feel comfortable with audio, but not video, there is always the option of putting on a webinar for your customers. When it comes to marketing content, the sky’s the limit!

My Free Webinar Launch Planner Can Help

If you’ve never created your own content before, it might not be as hard as you think. You just need someone to walk you through it. If you want to learn to generate content for your small business, I invite you to check out some of my free resources. If you’re curious about writing a weekly blog, I have a workbook you might want to check out! And if you’ve ever thought about putting on a webinar, I can help you with this free webinar launch planner!

And I can, of course, help you create it all! Contact me today and we can get started talking about what kind of content would best match with your business and how we can use it to build your following online!

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