Personality Infused Copywriting: The Difference Between Engaging and Forgettable Content

JLVAS personality infused copywritingWhat is the difference between good copywriting and bad copywriting?

I can sum it up in a word: readability. If you offer your customers a blog, email campaign, or web page that is difficult to read, that doesn’t flow, isn’t infused with your brand personality, or that bores them, they are going to dismiss and forget it. But if you give them something that’s easy to read, it will quickly engage them and draw them in!

Readability in General
Readability is simply how easy something is to read. If you write a piece of content full of difficult to pronounce words and impossible to understand concepts, it’s probably not going to get much engagement. On the other hand,  if it’s accessible to your audience, infused with your brand personality and can be read in a reasonable amount of time, it is far more likely to be successful.

In general, there are a few things that you should avoid when writing copy for your audience. If the copy is filled with technical jargon specific to your industry, it could be very inaccessible to your average customer. If it’s stuffed full of adverbs and adjectives, simply for the sake of making the topic sound “dynamic”, it can make it difficult to read through. If it’s filled with poor grammar or spelling mistakes, it could be seen as unprofessional. If it doesn’t give them a sense of who you and your brand are and how you can help them, they will go elsewhere.  

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Web Copy
Have you ever gone to a website only to see page after page of dense text staring back at you? You were just looking for information, not a novel. This is a common problem with a lot of amateur websites. The web copy isn’t tailored to the focus and attention span of the average user.

When you are building a website, it isn’t about the amount of web copy you have, it’s the quality of it. On your homepage, there should be broad strokes of what you do, rather than detailed explanations. Rather than formatting your web copy into lengthy paragraphs, you should break it up into more easily readable chunks. You want to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to absorb the information on your site.

Even for a professional copywriter, creating great web copy can take hours upon hours of writing, editing, rewriting, adding keywords, and eventually posting it to your site using a platform like WordPress. Hiring a virtual assistant to do it for you can save you time, money, and headaches, resulting in a polished, professional, personality-infused and well-written website. Of course, remember that attractive graphics and great website design are important as well.

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There are certain expectations that people have when they click on a blog. It should be a certain length, long enough to provide useful information but short enough to read quickly. It should be on a topic that is related to the services that you are offering to your clients. The information in it should be accurate, but not overly technical or hard to follow. You can choose to write it in a formal or informal tone, depending on your company’s brand (although generally, conversational blogs tend to get the most engagement with customers).

The biggest problem with writing a weekly blog is that it takes time. A great blog can take hours to write and edit, so why not hire a virtual assistant to do it instead? All you have to do is work with them to come up with some great topics and they will get writing. No more worries about missing weekly blogs deadlines, no more headaches about having to put aside time to write. You can spend your energy doing the important stuff while we take care of the blogs!

Readability is incredibly important in marketing. By improving the readability of all your content, you will be able to increase your online engagement with your customers. Instead of ignoring your blog every week, they will start to look forward to it! I can help by writing you polished, professional, and readable blogs that are tailored to you and your business.

Well, I’m here to give you a leg up with my free Blog Breakdown Workbook! In it, I will break down all of the parts of a perfect blog into an easy-to-follow template you can use whenever you’re feeling stuck with writer’s block! Using it, you’ll get through your blog post in no time!

Of course, writing might not be where your talents lie. Running your small business is taking up the vast majority of your time. Outsourcing your copywriting to a virtual assistant or digital marketing expert might be an excellent investment.

Contact me today for a free consultation and we can talk about potential blog topics and how they can fit into your overall marketing strategy.

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