The Best 5 Email Marketing Tools for Small Business

Staying in touch with your clients via email marketing tools ensures that you are always top of mind. Email marketing includes every email sent to build a relationship with your audience.

There are many ways that email marketing tools can help your small business maintain professional, profitable contact with clients. At Jennie Lyon Virtual Assistant Services, we are very familiar with a handful of great email marketing applications. The following are the 5 software we use when partnering with clients on email marketing. 

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1. MadMimi

MadMimi is a great software for creating ezines and email campaigns for your small business. It allows business owners to deliver professional, elegantly designed emails and newsletters quickly and easily—it is super user-friendly! MadMimi also has built-in features for web forms, audience management, tracking, and support.

2. AWeber

AWeber is a permission-only email marketing service that helps small businesses communicate more directly and profitably with clients. One of AWeber’s goals is to help you build relationships with clients in order to convert visitors into loyal customers. Among its contact and email organization features are importing, editing, and maintaining contacts, creating emails and web forms, and tracking email performance.

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3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact includes many of the same features as the other applications as well as the ability to set up and track surveys, events, and social campaigns. Its added features make it an email marketing system that also offers more in-depth market research tools and data than some of the other applications available so that small businesses can respond to client engagement and get results.

4. MailChimp

With MailChimp, small businesses can import contact lists and create simple opt-in forms for their website. You can also create ezines and post ezines to Facebook and Twitter, add promotions, and create campaigns and auto-responders. It’s a simple, easy-to-use software for just about any business with basic email marketing needs.

5. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a small business sales and marketing software that is great for e-commerce businesses. It’s 

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