Why Every Small Business Needs an Active Social Media Presence

If your small business isn’t active on social networking sites, it should be! Active participation in social networking sites draws more traffic to your website, increases sales, deepens trust in your brand, and provides almost endless networking opportunities. Social networking is more than just Facebook; successful businesses also need professional, active profiles (that they post to at least once daily with a combination of visual content, text posts, conversational links, and referrals) on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Depending on your brand and client base, you may also consider accounts with Instagram and YouTube, as well. If you are not social media savvy or can’t seem to find time to actively participate, get help! You can’t afford not to. Here are 5 reasons your business needs an active social media presence.

1. Exposure
The more you post online, the more chances clients and professional contacts have to learn about you, remember your business, and discover why they need your product or service. Consider each online post an opportunity to market yourself and establish your brand. Additionally, being active on social media has become a “brand signal” to Google and other search engines that your business is credible, active, and trustworthy.

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2. Accessibility
Social media is user-friendly in nature, and social networking sites are just what they sound like: huge hubs where different professional and social groups meet, connect, share information, and do business. Because it is so easy to use and many people spend a great deal of time on social networking sites, it is absolutely essential for you to maintain regular accounts on all the major sites and post engaging, relevant content daily. Businesses who are not accessible via social media are often passed up for ones that are because social media profiles, posts, and interactions offer far more insights into your brand, product, and organization than a visit to your business site—and the information is quickly and easily accessible.

3. Networking
When clients and other businesses want to recommend or brag about a product or service, they turn to social media first. By actively engaging via your business profiles, as well as through interactions with other business owners and clients, you grow your network simply by “joining the conversation”. It only takes one great post or re-post to get new followers, page likes, or a visit to your site.

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4. Market Research
Many sites, like Facebook, offer customer analytics to help you create targeted, more effective campaigns. Facebook’s “insights” feature also reports on the performance of specific posts, promotions, paid ads, and events that your business posts on Facebook.

5. Stronger Customer Relationships
Every post on social media you make is an opportunity to connect with clients—new, established, and potential—and deepen your relationship and trust with them. Since most businesses post at least once a day to each of their social media accounts, there are many opportunities to reach clients and do so in dynamic ways; your posts can and should be diverse in nature, from professional tips to humanizing personal insights or referrals. Posting a lot and posting to sites where social and professional circles overlap allows you to flesh out your brand, professional image, and your organization which will deepen trust because clients feel they know you, your company, and your product better. Also, because you’re interacting regularly with clients, you’re communicating that your business is active and alive.

How has your business benefited from the use of social media? How could you better utilize it to grow your brand and build a stronger customer base?


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