Why Editorial & Social Media Calendars Create Tremendous Growth + Free Templates!

Why do you need an editorial and social media marketing calendar you ask? Okay, so your company’s flowing, things are going alright, but you’re stagnating across your social media. Maybe you don’t think it’s worth the effort. Perhaps you’re satisfied with your current level of engagement. 

If you’re not deploying content to social media consistently, at least several times a week, you’re leaving money and exponential growth on the table. By the end of this article, you’ll have fundamental tools you can use to organize an effective content and social media marketing strategy and the confidence to commit to one new piece of content per week! 

Today’s Podcast Overview 

Today I’m going to cover important tips for staying consistent with your social media so you get the most from your posts. You can click on the link below to jump to any section that you’d like to learn more about: 

  • Build an Editorial and Social Media Marketing Calendar
  • Post One New Piece of Content Every Week
  • Take Your Pick: Blog, Video, or Podcast
  • Make One Piece of Content into Many Separate Posts!
  • Watch Your Social Reach Climb 

Build an Editorial and Social Media Marketing Calendar

Listen, I live and breathe content and social media. It’s what I do! I love helping others learn to gain control of their content and social media and get them real results!

​​I’ve got a couple of great content and social media calendars you can grab at my website. Grab my 3-Month Content Calendar and Social Media Marketing Calendar.

Both of them are perfect for organizing and planning your upcoming content, and getting a head start on increasing your traffic and engagement across your website and all your social media platforms.  

Editorial and Social Media Marketing Templates let you plan out your content roadmap months in advance. When it’s time to create your content for the month, you should already know what content you want to create. That way, you can spend your time focused on that piece of content and not waste time trying to come up with an idea on the fly that you have to rush together for a lackluster result. 

It is essential to plan your content with care and a laser focus on the message you want to send to your audience. When you put care into your content, your audience will see that and resonate with it. If you rush your content, your audience will see that too. The best way to set yourself up for success is to PLAN AHEAD!

The Nuance Between the Two Different Calendars

Editorial calendars list articles you want to compose as part of your business’ blog/podcast/YouTube video, spaced out by the week or by month. When you create your editorial calendar in a digital spreadsheet format, you can collaborate with other team members quickly or a virtual digital marketing team like mine! 

Social media marketing calendars are perfect for forecasting your marketing campaigns across weeks, months, or even years! Having a record of the subjects and platforms of posts you’ve made in recent memory helps your team pivot when you’re about to rehash old topics or adapt quickly to social media trends. Having an expansive view of your social media deployment lets your virtual digital marketing team catch both gaps and opportunities and anticipate upcoming events, holidays, and milestones far in advance so you can capitalize on the moment with confidence!

Post One New Piece of Content Every Week

These days you absolutely must post SOMETHING to your socials at least once per week. It can either be a blog, a video, or a podcast, but you should be posting at least one new piece of content every week. I’ve got a fantastic blog on eight common mistakes to avoid when creating social media content on my website to help streamline your content creation process! 

Take Your Pick: Blog, Video, or Podcast

As you’re consistently posting, it doesn’t matter which type of content, as long as it best represents you and your brand. Do you prefer blogging? Great! If you’d rather get in front of the camera, post a video! If everyone’s been telling you you’ve got a great voice, record a podcast episode! Whichever you choose, play to your strengths and your ability to make another one in time for next week! 

Make One Piece of Content into Many Separate Posts!

Here’s the real secret: you can cut up, edit, and transform your one piece of content and deploy it across all of your different social media platforms. 

Consider this: you record a podcast episode as your piece of content for the week. Here’s what you can do with that one piece of content:

  • Post the podcast online on the platform of your choice
  • Grab a quote from the podcast and post it on Instagram and Twitter
  • Upload the podcast to YouTube, either with or without video
  • Curate a short section of the transcript for Facebook and LinkedIn

Suddenly, your commitment to one piece of content yields several easy posts throughout the most popular social media platforms! With a few adjustments to cater to the feel of each platform, you can reuse one piece of content all week. Suddenly you’ve gone from posting once a week to every other day! All because you committed to posting one new piece of content per week. Good on you! 

Watch Your Social Reach Climb

Everyone is trying to grab attention through social media, but those who rise to the top are the ones who post consistently every single week. When posting every week, you’re building on the momentum from last week. When you post inconsistently, you’re always fighting to reclaim your lost momentum. What might have seemed overwhelming at first becomes turn-key once you’ve committed to creating your own editorial and social media marketing calendar. Your reward for that commitment is consistent growth across your socials for just posting one new piece of content every week! 

Social Media Calendar

So What Did We Learn?

  • Building your own editorial and social media marketing calendar is ESSENTIAL for planning an effective social media strategy long-term
  • Posting at least one new piece of content every week will generate long-term growth if you keep consistent
  • You can utilize that one piece of content for each of your social media platforms
  • Consistency is key! Committing to one new piece of content per week is a small price to pay for the growth returns you’ll see!

My team at Jennie Lyon Digital Marketing Inc. and I are passionate about making social media work for you without making work for you! We’re more than happy to help you create an editorial and social media marketing calendar to take your business’ engagement online to the next level. Set up a free call with me anytime. I’d love to see how we can improve your social media presence online! 

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