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You have a great product, and now you need to get it to the people who will benefit most from it! There are many different approaches to marketing products. You’ll need to discover the best method for you, but without a dedicated sales funnel, you’re missing out on who knows how many potential sales!

Today’s Overview

Today, I’ll explain the value of building a dedicated sales funnel and how it’s your responsibility to lead your potential clients from interest to purchase!

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What Are Sales Funnels?

A sales funnel is whatever journey you create to lead your potential clients from interest to purchase. A typical sales funnel example could be advertising that raises awareness of your ability to solve a client’s problem. This leads to your potential client comparing your services to your competitors as they decide whose product or service best solves their problem. Once they choose your business, they migrate to your point of sale (website, in-person store, etc.) and begin the process of committing to their purchase. 

Without a dedicated sales funnel, you’re losing out on capturing clients who may need your products and services. But they don’t know you’re a viable option!

Sales funnels streamline the process of committing to purchase. The smoother the experience, the more likely you can capture a potential client. You need to be thinking about how your new clients will discover you. And also what the process of purchasing looks like from a client’s perspective. Clearly explain why you are the best choice to solve your clients’ problems/issues. Make the process from awareness to purchase as painless as possible!

Once your sales funnel is up and running and read this. I’ve got an in-depth blog covering reasons your sales funnel might not be converting.

For now, let’s go over the steps your potential clients go through from the moment they hear about you and your services right up to the moment they commit to the sale, and what you can do to help guide them through! 

Awareness: Step 1

How are you drawing awareness to your business, services, and products? Social media, targeted ad campaigns, newsletters, blogs, reviews, and video demos are just some of the ways you need to be bringing your products and services to the consciousness of your potential clients. Furthermore, no one will choose you if they’re not aware you exist, so make noise! Celebrate your skills, products, and services! Introducing your business in a targeted approach to your audience is the first step in leading potential clients through your dedicated funnel and ultimately committing to purchasing from you! 

What problem does your product or service solve? How do you make life easier for your potential clients? Why is what you offer better than anyone else’s? You have to communicate your value to your audience. Prove how their lives will be better. More accessible, happier, more productive, more profitable, or more successful because they turned to you to solve their problem!

Interest: Step 2

Okay, so you’ve piqued a potential client’s interest. They’re aware of you, and they now know that you provide a service or product that solves a pressing need they have. They perform their due diligence on you and your product at this stage. They’ll search for similar products and services, check out reviews and other user experiences, and ultimately decide whether you’re the best solution to their problem. 

How are you differentiating your services and products from your competitors? How are your costs compared to others in your field? You need to make yourself intricately aware of the other options available to your potential clients. You must take steps to concisely answer those questions for them so that they’ll decide to hire you or purchase your product instead of anyone else’s! It’s within your power as a service or product provider to anticipate the questions your clients will ponder when deciding whether or not to purchase from you. Your goal is to make their decision to buy from you as simple as possible: communicate how you solve their problem better than anyone else in your field, and they’ll choose to work with you!

Decision: Step 3

Great! Your prospective client has decided to choose your business to solve their problems! Now, this is when they actively consider which of your products or services best suits their current level of commitment. They’ll check out your pricing, packages, and your choices on offer between the services you provide. Which is a CRUCIAL step because it’s where unclear descriptions of services, overly complicated terms, site errors, and pushy sales tactics can trip up their decision to purchase even though they’ve determined they want(ed) your service! Gut feelings and intuition about the ease or difficulty of buying a product or service reflect directly upon the product or service itself! Ensure the buying process is as seamless as possible; get out of your clients’ way and help them purchase what they’ve decided they want to buy from you!

Action: Step 4

Your potential client has slid down your sales funnel and has made it to the finish line; all they need to do is hit that final button and complete the sale. Things come up that have nothing to do with you, your business, or how well you’ve pitched yourself. Such as emergencies, time crunches, distractions, and interruptions are all enough to keep your new client from committing to the sale at the moment, but that’s not to say they wouldn’t otherwise say yes to the purchase! That’s where follow-ups are a great way to return awareness to your potential client and remind them to return to make their purchase. They’ve already done the work to assure themselves they want your product or service, so remind them of their problem and that you’re here, ready and waiting to solve it! 

So What Did We Learn?

  • You have to tell your audience you exist and assure them that you are the best place for them to go to solve their problem.
  • It’s your responsibility and privilege to make the path from Awareness to Action as seamless as possible for your potential clients!
  • Issues, undue barriers, and errors in your point of purchase reflect directly on you and your product, so curate their experience. 
  • Sometimes a client is ready to commit to the purchase but gets sidetracked or interrupted. Have a plan in place to recapture them!

The effort you pour into creating a solid sales funnel will increase your sales because you’re curating your customers’ experience. A smooth sales funnel assures your potential clients of your attention to detail and expertise and lets them know they’re making the right decision: YOU! 

My team at Jennie Lyon Digital Marketing Inc. and I are passionate about making social media work for you without making work for you! We’re more than happy to help you take your business to the next level. Set up a free call with me anytime. I’d love to see how we can increase your sales with a dedicated sales funnel for your products and services!

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My Challenge For You:

Choose at least two different companies that you either are in competition with or you wish were your competitors, and take a look at their sales funnel:

  • How are they getting awareness out about their products/services?
  • Where do they direct their clients to learn more about them and purchase their products/services?
  • Now, go through the process up to the final point before purchasing the product or service. Is the process smooth? Are they clear about what they’re selling? Is it easy to navigate, or does it get in its own way? 
  • Furthermore, think of ways you’d improve their user experience, then apply that to your sales funnel!

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