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What does the word “marketing” mean to you?

Over the last few weeks, countless companies have been in a scramble. Trying to figure out a way to communicate with their customers during COVID-19. Their marketing used to be focused on big money spent on billboards, posters, and other traditional forms of marketing. Unfortunately, that would be money wasted while everyone is under stay-at-home orders. So, now they are putting their money into a highly-effective form of advertising that small businesses have been using for years:

Enter digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that covers all aspects of marketing your small business online. Whenever you see a Facebook ad, that’s digital marketing. If you ever get an email newsletter, that’s digital marketing too. It’s much more cost-effective than traditional advertising and, even better, it can scale with your business. There are dozens of avenues of digital marketing for your small business. You can select the ones you believe will offer you the best ROI. 

The thing is that digital marketing evolves fast. Things change rapidly as new social media networks rise and fall, even more so in our new primarily online environment. As a digital marketing professional, I work to help my clients reap the full benefits of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign without them needing to invest an incredible amount of time into it. That’s time saved that you can put into the more important aspects of your business that only you can do! 

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Social Media Marketing

Many people would say that social media marketing is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. 

What’s more, social media marketing does NOT need to be expensive. Creating profiles for your small business across all social media networks might take some time, but it won’t cost you a cent. If you don’t have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and even a LinkedIn business page for your small business, then you are missing out on one of the best digital marketing opportunities available.

Everything on your social media profiles, from the graphics in your banners to the smile on your face in your profile pic, needs to be perfect. No blurry selfies here! Your profiles must communicate the message of your brand at a single glance.

Creating social media profiles is also the springboard to social media advertising. Once you have a following, you can use Facebook ads to build your brand, sell your products, or simply grow your online community. There are some “rules” of writing an effective social media ad that will connect with people. You can either try it yourself (use my free guidebook to help) or simply hire me to do it for you! I can create everything from the graphics and audience targeting to the headline and ad copy. Moreover, I can monitor your ads to measure engagement, making improvements to increase clicks, and further target your audience.

Email Marketing

Have you been building your email list?

It’s difficult to overstate how important it is for small business owners to have direct contact with their clients and customers. This can be tricky to do when you aren’t seeing them in person. There is a great way to reach out and connect with them: email marketing. By building your email marketing list and sending out a scheduled newsletter, you can interact with your audience regularly. 

There are tons of ways to get your clients’ email addresses, but sometimes, the direct method is the best. Simply ask them for it! Put a pop-up on your website asking if they want to sign up for your newsletter. Sometimes, this might not be enough, which is where email opt-ins come into play. Be sure you offer your clients an opt-in (a valuable piece of content that’s more substantial than a blog). This way they will likely give you their email in return. Reassure them that you will never spam them, and their email and personal info will always be protected. 

A fantastic email newsletter should have a variety of components. First, it should have an intro letter where you directly address the recipient about what’s going on with your business. You should also be including some valuable content, such as a blog. Email newsletters can also be great places to introduce new products like webinars and online courses. Don’t forget about testimonials from your clients!

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Website & SEO

Many people think of their website as an online “billboard”. While this may have been true in years past, things are very different today. All of your digital marketing efforts, from your emails to your social media posts to advertisements, should funnel potential clients to your site. Your website is nothing short of your digital storefront. Offering your clients and customers an equally engaging experience as they would have at your physical location.

Moreover, with the recent shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online-only business models, your website might be your ONLY storefront. It needs to not only look good on all devices with an exceptional customer service experience that makes an incredible impression on first-time visitors. It also needs to utilize effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Making sure that people can find you on Google or other similar services. 

When someone sees a website that looks like it was thrown together in an afternoon, they are automatically going to judge that business. Even if your services are better than your competitors, they will be going with the website that looks and feels more professional. This instinct goes far beyond the “going for the prettier packaging” reasoning. The quality of your website is an active demonstration of how much you value your customers. If it isn’t clean, attractive, and functional, then it communicates that your online audience isn’t important to you (whether that is true or not).

Learn how to maximize your social media.

Many small business owners have trouble keeping up with the variety of available digital marketing channels. Think about how much time you spend on your personal Facebook and Twitter. Now, consider that you will have to spend even more time on your professional Facebook and Twitter to get the full benefits. If you want to learn how to maximize your social media ROI, I invite you to download my free Making the Most of Social Media: Workbook. Inside, you will learn the strengths of all the social media networks and how you can best use them to get the word out about your business.

Or, you could simply entrust your social media and digital marketing to me! I handle the social media needs of dozens of clients, writing their posts and scheduling them to go out at times of highest engagement. Similarly, email newsletters are totally in my wheelhouse! If you want to get the burden of digital marketing off your back, please feel free to put it on mine! Contact me today, and we can get started building a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that will keep you front and center in the minds of your clients during the next few weeks of coronavirus!

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