How to Grow Your Email List in 30-Minutes Per Day + Freebies

From the moment I started my business, I’ve been focused on email growth. Studies have shown that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average ROI (return on investment) is around $42. My email list is at 30k with great subscriber engagement! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – you want to constantly grow your email list in the background!

Being a business owner is a lot of work, and the quicker you can grow your subscriber list, the better! A healthy email list is the lifeblood of your business! 

I broke this guide down into several effective strategies for growing your business. You don’t have to do them all every day, but if you spend just 30 minutes per day doing some of them, you’ll start to see growth in your subscribers. 

Today, let’s dig into how you can gain traction with your list-building efforts and start growing that email list like crazy! 

Let’s get started!

Content Overview

🔹Block Off 30 Minutes Per Day to Focus on List Building
🔹What is Time Blocking, and What are the Benefits
🔹How to Get Started
🔹Get into the List Building Mindset 
🔹Set SMART Goals for your List Building  
🔹Strategies for Email List Growth 
🔹Hit Up Your Current Audience 
🔹Hang Out with Your Audience 
🔹Go Live 
🔹Ask Your Subscribers for Help 
🔹Homework/Action Plan

Block Off 30 Minutes Per Day to Focus on List Building

Before we can dig in and grow that email list, we must ensure that you’ll stick to the plan for longer than a day or two! I know how busy life and business are, so you want to make sure you schedule your 30-minute email list building time into your schedule. I’m a massive fan of time blocking and use it for many business areas. I know from experience that when you block out 30 minutes to focus on nothing other than growing your email list, you will see results! 

What is Time Blocking, and What are the Benefits? 

Time blocking is when you block off time on your schedule that is untouchable for anything other than the activity for which you blocked the time off. This is important because it allows you to focus on the project, gives you “approved” time to spend on this activity, helps with fatigue, and moves the needle in your business. 

How to Get Started? 

I recommend starting with a plan. Grab your planner or your calendar and take a peek at when you have space in your calendar to focus on list building. I’ve found it works best for me to do my batched tasks simultaneously every day. For example, I batch all of my ideas for first thing in the morning. I time block 30 minutes every day to record new content. This way, I never feel overwhelmed thinking I must carve out half a day to record content. I do a little every day and never feel overwhelmed or behind. So, pick a time each day and stick to it!  

Get into the List Building Mindset 

Haha! I know exactly what you are thinking – mindset. Really? I know it can sound corny, and we hear repeatedly that you can manifest your dreams. However, I have found that when you keep a positive mindset when working on projects such as growing your email list, it does make a difference. Why? Focusing on my goals for building my list and telling myself that spending these 30 minutes each day will make a massive difference in the size of my email list helps push me forward. Even on days when I feel like I want to skip it! 

Set SMART Goals for Your List Building

As a digital marketer, goals are just built into me! Haha! I have goals for ALL areas of my life, and growing my list is a space where I have goals. The key to goals that you’ll reach is to ensure that your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).

Here is a sample SMART goal for growing your email list. 

S: I want to grow your list by 30 people this month, 250 people in 6 months. 
M: I’ll track my daily results on a spreadsheet to see how close I get. 
A: Is this goal achievable? 130 people a month, yes – 10,000 people the first month, probably not. 
R: Am I doing relevant tasks to grow my email list? 
T: One month – yep, you made it time-bound. 

Create Your SMART Goals


Strategies for Email List Growth 

Next, I’d love to dig in and give you some strategies I know work for building an email list. Again, you don’t have to do all of them every day, but you’ll want to focus on at least your 30 minutes each day. 

Hit Up Your Current Audience

Do you have a following on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc? Let’s engage those peeps and grow your like, know, trust factor. Grab one of your lead magnets and pull out some solutions your audience would be interested in. Then, post a poll and ask your audience a question relative to your business. 

For example, you could post a poll asking your audience, “Which do you struggle with?” 

  1. Getting traffic to your website
  2. Growing your social media following
  3. Building an email list 

Ask your audience to comment on what they struggle with most. Then, send them a private message to see if they’d like you to send them a free resource (your lead magnet) that will help them with their struggle. When they say yes, send them a link to your lead magnet. Boom! They’re now on your email list. 

Hang Out with Your Audience 

An incredible way to grow your email list is to hang out where your audience hangs out. If you know, your audience hangs out in a particular Facebook group. You’ll want to join and explore these groups to see if your ideal audience is there. 

If they are, excellent – pop in to mingle and do some active listening. When you hear that someone might be interested in your freebie and can gain some quick wins, direct message them the link. You don’t want to rush it and start sending your lead magnet everywhere; you want to show up and provide value first. 

Go Live 

If you aren’t doing live video, it’s time! It will be a game changer for your business and your email growth! A great way to grow that email list is to host live Q&As. Make sure to build a bit of buzz before you go live. Post on social media a few times that you’re going to be going live. Just decide where. Facebook, Instagram? When? Add it to your calendar and prep for what you want to talk about! Make sure to end the Facebook/Instagram Live with a call to action by going to to grab your free lead magnet. 

Ask Your Current Subscribers for Help 

If you have existing subscribers, you can ask them to help! You could send a short and sweet email asking them to do you a favor and share your lead magnet. If these people signed up for your lead magnet and loved it, surely they know someone they could recommend the lead magnet to.

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Action Plan

Here’s your action plan – put it into place today! 

  1. Download our free Email List Growth Tracking Sheet
  2. Block off 30 minutes each day to focus on list-building
  3. Get into the mindset. Take a few breaths, and focus on growing that email list! 
  4. Download our free SMART goals worksheet
  5. Hit up your current audience on social media
  6. Hang out where your audience is and provide value
  7. Go live at least once a week! 
  8. Ask your current subscribers for help.  

Give this a solid go for 30 days, then email me to show me how much your list has grown! I’ll share your lead magnet with my email list of over 25k people to get you more subscribers!

If you need help creating a free lead magnet funnel or your email marketing in general, please schedule a free consultation. I’d love to help you grow your email list!🌟

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